The 1st-7th June is this year’s volunteer week.

I’ve been very lucky to have several volunteers who believe in Creatful join us on our mission since we launched last November.

I say thank you to my volunteers at every opportunity and I am sincerely grateful for every second of time they give.

However, Volunteers give so much more than ‘time’.

I have spent most of the last 6 months working on a voluntary basis so I really understand the passion that drives volunteering.

Volunteering comes in many forms, from helping set up tables and chairs, having a cuppa with someone whose feeling lonely to providing expert advice.

I am not going to name (and shame) all of my wonderful volunteers, they know who they are and they aren’t doing this for the recognition. This year I have had volunteers help me;

– Set up events

– Make hot drinks

– Provide comfort to people in need

– Chat to our attendees

– Share skills to enhance someone else’s

– Provide feedback on how we can keep improving

– Provide expert advice on things like website design and business models

– Share experiences to help others build confidence and know they are not alone

– Share our posts on social media

– Deliver leaflets

– Spread the word

– Write blogs

– Clean up events (Including washing up)

– Listen

– Provide encouragement

– the list goes on…

So you see, volunteers give so much more than ‘time’ they are a critical part of your community and without them businesses like Creatful would not be able to function.

Creatful has achieved way more than I imagined it could in the past six months and It would not have been possible without our volunteers.

Once again I say a huge thank you to our amazing volunteers for everything they give to help us continue to bring people together through creativity.

I invite people of all ages and abilities to volunteer with us so if you are interested, get in touch.

Thank you for reading