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  • Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts

10 September 2022|0 Comments

Intrusive thoughts are described as unwanted thoughts that can pop into our heads without warning, at any time A recent study found that 94% of people have unwanted or intrusive thoughts. So if you are [...]

  • Celtic Mandala

Celtic Mandala*

23 August 2022|0 Comments

At my Mandala workshops I’ll briefly talk about the history of mandala art. Mandalas can be spotted in many cultures throughout time. Ancient Celts used mandala as a way to focus the mind and communicate. [...]

  • The Power of Micro Connections

The Power of Micro Connections

8 June 2022|0 Comments

I have been pondering micro connections and the impact they have on my wellbeing and happiness. What do I mean by micro connections? Small everyday interactions with members of my community. In person connections. It [...]

  • Volunteers


7 June 2022|0 Comments

The 1st-7th June is this year’s volunteer week. I’ve been very lucky to have several volunteers who believe in Creatful join us on our mission since we launched last November. I say thank you to [...]

  • Don't Give Up

Don’t give up

12 May 2022|0 Comments

It sometimes feels like I am jumping on the “Mental Health” bandwagon. Although having a lifetime history of depression I feel I am allowed to. I am certainly not a victim and am much more [...]

  • why mindful creativity

Why Mindful Creativity?

18 April 2022|0 Comments

Why mindful creativity? Nancy Fellows of Creatful explains more about the correlation between creative activities and mental wellbeing. Mental-health issues occur in all parts of our society. The knock-on impact increases social isolation, addiction, self-harm, [...]