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  • Nancy blonde and drunk
  • Nancy drinking a large alcoholic drink while young daughter drinks a fruit shoot

Alcohol awareness week 2024: 1-7th Jul

3 July 2024|0 Comments

On 1st August 2020, I made an immediate decision to stop drinking alcohol after a mental health crisis that scared me.   Although I wasn’t drunk all the time or drinking all the time, I [...]

Meet Maryna

7 June 2024|0 Comments

Meet Maryna, our superstar from the Ukraine bringing people together through art. Maryna is a Ukrainian artist who studied drawing and fine art as part of her degree in fashion design. Back in April 2023, [...]

  • Headshot elodi fellows creatful director

We are Creatful – Elodi

7 June 2024|0 Comments

Elodi Fellows is one of our directors and supports our business strategy. You may have seen her at one of our events but she mainly helps out in the background."Hello, I'm Elodi. I am a proud [...]

We are Creatful – Lara

21 March 2024|0 Comments

Lara Kynvin is one of our directors and volunteers, if you've been to our events you may have crafted with her. Lara supports our strategy around mental health awareness and suicide prevention. In 2023 Lara [...]

We are Creatful – Nancy

11 March 2024|0 Comments

I'm Nancy... founder of Creatful, our main facilitator and business manager. You'll see me at most of our events and I am who you speak to on Facebook, Instagram or when you email us.   [...]

  • Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal thoughts

10 September 2022|0 Comments

Intrusive thoughts are described as unwanted thoughts that can pop into our heads without warning, at any time A recent study found that 94% of people have unwanted or intrusive thoughts. So if you are [...]