I’m Nancy… founder of Creatful, our main facilitator and business manager. You’ll see me at most of our events and I am who you speak to on Facebook, Instagram or when you email us.
I was born in Liverpool but left there when I was 18 to study Product design and then Design Management at university. Ive always holiday’ed in Portsmouth so I know it well and I now live in Purbrook.
After uni I spent 14 years in the corporate world with my final role there being ‘Business Improvement and Marketing manager’. I’ve always remained creative in my spare time and have had a handful of failed ‘hobby’ small businesses from logo design to making wedding invitations.
I’m a wife to husband, Graham and a mum to Aria age 10 and Harvey age 8. I love red bull, pyjamas, chocolate, True crime documentaries and arts and crafts. My favourite craft is art journaling.
After a mental health crisis in 2020 I knew my little world had to change and in late 2021 I launched Creatful CIC.
I’ve lived with diagnosed mental health illness for 10 years. Along with medication and therapy, creativity has been critical to my own mental health journey and continued recovery.
I believe creativity is an under utilised wellness tool.
I have a passion for making sure all people have spaces in their communities where they feel safe and welcomed. I believe we can use creativity to bring people together and empower people to manage their wellbeing.
Creatful is my purpose. It can be hard work running a business but it enables me to work hard for what I am passionate about and I feel extremely grateful and privileged to be able to do this.
My favourite things about Creatful are our amazing volunteer team and the attendees I meet who often share their skills and creations with me. I basically live inside a real life Pinterest!
We are making a difference and I love what we do and the people we do it for. Thank you for reading and your continued support 💕💕💕
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