Elodi Fellows is one of our directors and supports our business strategy. You may have seen her at one of our events but she mainly helps out in the background.
“Hello, I’m Elodi. I am a proud mother of 3 beautiful boys, Zeek (15) Eli (7) and Cassius (1). I also work full time as a Strategic Account Manager within the Telecom industry which has me travelling the length of the country up to three times a week.
With the pressures of managing a hectic family schedule along with a demanding target driven career, I have always been mindful of the importance of mental health and the need to arm yourself with self love tools and regular ‘check ins’ on both yourself and others (my preferred route being a monthly massage / sound bath :))
I have been fortunate enough to support Nancy from the beginning of her Creatful journey and witness first hand the real life impact she and her craft and chat groups have had on our local community and so I jumped at the chance to take a Directors role when offered in the hope that we could utilise some of my skill set to support the growth of the business to ensure Nancy is able to provide her support and resources to many more to come.
I hope to meet you at one of our future events where you can witness first hand the joys of Creatful!”
Note from Nancy: Elodi and I have been friends for a long time which means we can be open and honest with each other. That’s important to me as we all need those people who can support us but also challenge us when we need it. Elodi has an excellent understanding of business so i’ll often consult Elodi when I have difficult decisions to make. Thanks Elodi, I am grateful for you and you are appreciated 😘
Photo credit to @billieraephoto